The Yonketonk Band

 The Yonketonk Band is a studio band of talented musicians I put together to record some songs that I have written over the years.   I have played in bands with most members of The Yonketonk Band  at some point and I have jammed with the others in some way.  This has been a dream project of mine ever since I started writing songs when I was 25. I write the basic music and lyrics and give the musicians the framework of the song.  They are then given complete freedom to write their own parts.  This has given the The Yonketonk band and all its releases several influences that come together to create one musical idea.


                                                             Scott Yonke












The Wall Band


Brian Tackman - Lights

Andrew Berg - Lead Guitar

Scott Moss - Sound

Ian Hilmer - Lead Vocals

Renee Copland - Backup Vocals

Martha Alvarado - Backup Vocals

CJ Mulder - Backup Vocals

Brian Gruidl - Bass

Scott Yonke - Rhythm Guitar

Pat Dalton - Drums

Neil Gunn - Keys




  Studio Release "Captain Stu" Free Download

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Download 'We Watched As The Sun' for FREE!!!!

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The Acoustic Yonketonk Band





The Acoustic Yonketonk Band

Neil Gunn - Accordion

Mikey Blechta - Mandolin / Vocals

Scott Yonke - Guitar / Vocals

Martha Alvarado - Vocals

Pat Dalton - Drums


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 Preview three of the songs on We Watched As The Sun!




Ann Marie.mp3

Fire Escape.mp3

We Watched As The Sun

$ 2.00 USD

The new CD by The Yonketonk Band, written and produced by Scott Yonke.  Is free with shipping and handling. Or, you can download it for free under the 'We Watched As The Sun' tab up top!


Check Out

"Ann Marie and Boulder"

From Paddle Jam In Mankato

Aug 11th 2012


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